Lands Gameplay

The gameplay is built around the extraction and acquisition of resources which help users build assets on their Land to generate recurring cash flow. Users navigate within The Valley by extracting original gold from natural resources, that can then be converted into EXO tokens. This type of resource mining is the foundation of various economic and trade relations, building properties, and production growth.

Land owners can take on different roles within the game. They can establish themselves as managers, business developers, or conquerors, depending on the direction they wish to take within the game. They can also produce or trade resources, craft and sell tools, organize resource deliveries, run expeditions, or become treasure hunters.

Since the game operates in a virtual economy, all processes within it come at a certain cost. To pay for these processes, Land owners primarily use HEXO, our in-game currency. HEXO, and occasionally EXO, are used to acquire resources, construct buildings, hire workers, and more.

Within the gameplay of CardanoLands, Lands parcels are linked to a number of general entities, which are described briefly below. To get more information about each of the entities, please check their dedicated page.

Lands are the fundamental assets that enable users to participate in the game and the ecosystem as a whole. Land Parcels are virtual real estate minted as an NFT from our official website, or purchased through 3rd-party marketplaces, like JPGstore.

Buildings are structures built on your land, and each type comes with certain properties. These properties, combined, help you gain leverage in the game. For example, Sawmills can cut down forests, giving you more Wood resources. Mints can produce coins from gold. Buildings are level-based, which means that as they grow, so do their properties and requirements.

None of the properties of buildings can function without employing workers. Workers are abstract characters that represent NFTs of qualified collections with >250.000 votes in the High League of the CardanoLands Staking Hub. If you hold an NFT that abides by these criteria, you can employ it as a worker. And just like in the real world, workers get paid for their work. Their salary comes in the form of HEXO, and this recurring payment continues for as long as you employ them.

Workers use certain items - Tools - to carry out their duties. There are many tools for different purposes. A worker may, for example, need an axe to chop wood, or a hammer to extract stones.


From time to time, certain tiles receive a boost of rewards thanks to modifiers.

For example, you may be able to extract an additional 10% of Stone for a day or increase wood processing times by 20% for multiple days.

The application of modifiers is either server-based, in which case they apply to all users, or location-based, in which case they only apply to certain areas within the Valley. Users can leverage modifiers to speed up their production.

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