Metalab Prize Pool

Inventor Rewards

Inventor rewards refer to the prizes users receives automatically, when they successfully discover new recipes. The first person who manages to find the correct combination of elements/resources that leads to a new recipe is rewarded with the following rewards:
ADA share
1000 $EXO tokens
Alchemist Glove - a legendary Mining Tool from CardanoLands Collection that increase their mining power
Inventor role in discord server with access to the inventors chats
the name of the inventor is immortalised in the CNFT representing the invented element

Prize Pool Funding

The Metalab prize pool is a raffle algorithm that rewards active community members that participate in crafting activities in the Metalab.
The prize pool is funded by the team and community in the following way:
  • Each Hexonium claim charges an additional 2 ADA which is stored in the Metalab prize pool;
  • Every single craft without energy charges 2 ADA which is stored in the Metalab prize pool;
  • All royalties from 3rd party marketplaces (like will go directly to the Metalab Prize Pool;

Prize Pool Data

The prize pool consists of all Metalab transaction records* for specific time periods and the list of participants is divided in two parts.
The first part will share 70% of the total winnings and only includes participants known as “inventors” (activelly developing new recipes).
The second part will share 30% of the total winnings and includes active Metalab members, known as “crafters” (combining elements to get new ones).


The algorithm will host the raffle and randomly pick 15 winners from the crafters list, awarding them with their fair share of winnings. The funds in the inventors list will be divided into equal shares of the invented resources in this prize pool round. If the selected Prize Pool has not been assembled, the awards will be rolled over to the next raffle. If the Prize Pool is assembled, the team will send the $ADA to the winning wallet(s). In the rare instance where a random number is picked more than once, the winner gets an increased allocation of the prize pool.
* - Metalab transaction records - include all transactions that occur during the crafting process, when users choose to combine elements and get new ones. Unsuccessful element combinations are not included in the list.
The Metalab Prize Pool will be hosted regularly until all recipes are found. After the discovery of all recipes, the raffle will be closed and the allocation of funds will be repurposed.