Hexonium (HEXO)

Cardano Lands’ multi-staking feature distributes a daily amount of passive rewards to holders of qualified NFT collections. These rewards are minted in the form of tokens known as Hexonium (HEXO).

HEXO is the in-game currency of Cardano Lands and part of its GameFi component. The token is used across and beyond the CardanoLands ecosystem. It's used as a payment method in CardanoLands’ GameFi component and does therefore not hold any monetary value outside our game.

HEXO also does not have a capped total supply, which enables us to maintain aspects of the gameplay as we scale. The more users join the game, the more HEXO will be earned (through activities) and burned (through in-game transactions).

The token has no pre-mine, no seed round, and no liquidity provision. Users can provide liquidity at their own accord. The reason behind the lack of liquidity provision by the team is its uncapped total supply and adjustable distribution rules. If the team would provide liquidity, the project would become less sustainable, as all in-game items would require dynamic pricing. We want all in-game items to have a static HEXO price and for the tokens to be burned each time a payment is made within the game.

HEXO is simply a tool to get more EXO, which is our native token, and the token that can be sold on DEXs.

Furthermore, HEXO is free to earn and trade, but the claiming process requires registration at Cardano Lands and wallet pairing.

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