Lands are a cornerstone feature of the CardanoLands Universe and one that enables us to leverage the power of the Metaverse.

What are Lands?

Lands are virtual parcels of real estate on the CardanoLands platform. Each parcel has its own biome type, size, and coordinates on the global map (a.k.a. The Valley). When users mint a Land, they can start interacting with the world of CardanoLands. They can build properties, explore 3rd party assets, interact with other players, and take part in numerous events. The utility of Lands will increase in each subsequent development phase, as seen in the Roadmap section.

The different types of Lands

There are currently 2 Land types based on their location within the game. These are known as “Forest” and “Winter” biomes. Each type offers unique benefits for its owner, but it does not necessarily add an element of rarity. “Forest” Lands produce more Wood resources, while “Winter” Lands produce more Stone resources. Both are important within the game, and the biomes are randomly distributed among Lands during their minting in the third quarter of 2023.

Aside from biomes, Lands also come in three different sizes. There are Small Lands, which are 4 cells in size, Medium Lands, which are 7 cells in size, and Large Lands, which capture 9 cells in size. The differences are described in the image below:

Becoming a Land owner

When users mint a Land Parcel, they receive the coordinates of the parcel on the Valley (global map). The coordinates represent their property and they become a Land owner. This is where the fun starts.

The Valley is publicly accessible, irrelevant of Land ownership. Everyone can click on Land parcels to review their owner and activity. But there is more. Instead of simply displaying areas on the map, CardanoLands will introduce interactive features and server-based locations that open up a whole new world of possibilities.

An important thing to keep in mind is that all Lands that will become available for minting in Q3 2023 are equipped with a limited edition EXO Mine building. This feature grants users access to the Gold Rush Event (a.k.a. EXO Staking), which distributes 15% of the total EXO supply over a period of 3 years. During the Gold Rush event, Land owners will be able to upgrade their properties, hire workers, and scale their EXO mining activities.

You can read more about the Gold Rush event here.

Note that Lands which are already minted through airdrops or raffles come under a different category, and do not come equipped with the EXO Mine building. Land owners of such parcels will need to buy EXO Mine buildings if they wish to participate in the “Gold Rush” event. Lands that belong in this category will also be re-minted to set the correct on-chain metadata.

Where & how to buy Land

Users can mint Lands directly through the official CardanoLands website - [LINK will be published before mint start].

The price of the Land depends on its size, and the biome is randomly chosen.

The price of Lands will be valued in USDT and converted to ADA/EXO (the payment methods) on the mint date. If users choose to pay using ADA, an equal amount of EXO will be removed from the available Sale supply. This way users don’t need to first buy EXO prior to buying Land.


Supposedly, a particular type of Land costs 200$. If, on the mint date, the ADA/USDT rate is 0,4 the Land will cost 800 ADA or 26667 EXO ( open mint rate EXO/ADA 0,03). If a user decides to pay for the Land using ADA, 26667 EXO will be removed from the available EXO supply.

The exact price for each type of Land will be announced 2-4 weeks prior to the mint, and a total of 4910/5000 will be available for minting. 90 Lands are reserved for giveaways and airdrops (72 of them already distributed).

Looking ahead

Land ownership gives you access to various functionalities and features within CardanoLands and beyond it. From our major, upcoming Gold Rush Event, to the exploration of a brand new Metaverse, Lands bridge Web3 users with projects in a creative and entertaining manner.

The Gold Rush event introduces the new development phase or CardanoLands known as the Settlement phase. This stage is longer than the prior Exploration phase and will require at least 1 year to be fully executed. Once the Settlement Phase is launched, we will introduce a number of gameplay upgrades, which include:

  • The upgrade of Lands. Users will be able to increase the size of their Land Parcel anywhere from 4 to 16 parcels, as they prime it for real estate development.

  • New buildings, artifacts, and tools that will expand gameplay utility.

  • New Avatars, which can lead expeditions and participate in major events. Users can train their avatar, helping them specialize as either a crafter, an explorer, or a warrior. The choice of their specialization determines your direction in the game.

  • The formation of guilds.

Following the Settlement phase, the game will enter into the next roadmap milestone known as the Evolution phase. During this phase, users and project founders will experience the full scale of the CardanoLands metaverse, allowing them to create their own lands, buildings, and Valleys. They will then be able to leverage these virtual assets to showcase their collections, create shops, launch mints and staking, and much more.

The final phase of the roadmap, known as the Colonization phase, will further expand the above utilities to partner blockchains. We expect this shift of focus to bring new audiences and experiences, as well as many cross-chain utilities. Users will be able to make new friends, build partnerships, and monetize their assets using CardanoLands’ Web3 infrastructure tools.

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