Buildings cannot function without workers. Workers are abstract characters that represent NFTs of qualified collections with >250.000 votes in the High League of the CardanoLands Staking Hub. If you hold an NFT that abides by these criteria, you can employ it as a worker.

Voting is dynamic, and so is the performance of the workers. If the amount of a collection’s votes is reduced below the required limit, the associated worker(s) will stop working in the building.

If users do not hold NFTs from qualified collections, the system will provide a default worker. These types of workers have higher requirements compared to workers that derive from qualified NFTs.

Worker requirements

Workers require a daily payment for their work. Their salary can either be paid in the form of HEXO tokens, or by giving them Food. This depends on the building in its functions. For example, workers in the Sawmill will be happy to work for Food, while EXO miners want to get paid in HEXO. If you do not have sufficient Food to feed your workers, you can also pay them in HEXO. The opposite, however, is not possible

The workers’ salary is subtracted from your HEXO balance on the CardanoLands platform. If your balance can’t cover the expenses your workers will stop working. To resolve this issue and continue mining, you will need to top-up your balance by farming HEXO from qualified NFT collections, or by buying HEXO on DEXs.

Worker abilities

Workers can also upgrade their work capacity. To do this, workers must acquire mastery in their area of expertise. For example, when a worker that works in the Sawmill acquires Wood Mastery, he becomes a Lumberjack. From that point onwards he can only be used to cut Wood in the Stonecutter Camp, but he will be more productive (increased wood production in a particular timeframe).

For workers to acquire mastery, users will need to discover Books of Masteries. These can be found in expeditions or by completing certain quests. Expeditions and quests require an Avatar (your virtual character) with the necessary skills.

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