Metalab for Creators

Metalab is expanding and we welcome anyone who wants to try creating their own resource or item! 3rd parties are able to use our MetaLab application for their own project purposes. They will be able to add their own resources and create their own recipe trees!

We believe this feature will provide meaningful options and utility that other projects and their communities can take advantage of.

A project can create different custom scenarios for using their personal resources and recipes, such as crafting a ticket or key. People can then use such craftables as a ticket to some event, or as a key to a special NFT mint.

In such cases, our platform requires that some part of each of these 3rd party recipes contain CardanoLands resources. For example, if a user attempts to craft an item from "3rd Party Project X", they will need to use whatever prescribed 3rd party resources are needed, as well as our resources like DIAMOND (a CardanoLands crafted resource) and FIRE (a CardanoLands basic element), both of which require $HEXO to obtain.

This brings more value and utility to the CardanoLands community as well, incentivizing the continued crafting of our resources. Using this service is good for all parties involved!

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