EXO distribution

The distribution of $EXO tokens derives from carefully considering the platform’s scalability and operation potential during uncertain market conditions, while also trying to eliminate whales and big players that could manipulate the value of our token. The exact token distribution can be reviewed on the pie chart below:

In the following subchapters, we briefly delve into each of the components of the table above to describe them in more detail.


The ecosystem of CardanoLands consists of all products across its DeFi and GameFi components. EXO acts either as a form of payment (DeFi) or as a reward for in-game activities (GameFi). The supply reserved for ecosystem development will be used to incentivize users in the Land Universe and the upcoming CardanoLands games, and to integrate P2E models in partner projects.


7 consecutive token sale rounds will collectively sell 17% of the total supply. Each round starts after the completion of the previous one, and the token price increases as the rounds progress. The following table describes the rounds in more detail.

EXO Staking

A generous 15% of the total token supply is allocated towards the distribution of staking rewards during the initial period of our platform’s growth. This process will incentivize community members to adopt a long-term viewpoint, giving them a larger share of tokens through recurring rewards.

Only users with Land parcels qualify for EXO Staking, and there is a total of 5000 Lands for sale. The EXO staking rewards will be distributed on a linear basis over each epoch for a duration of 3 years (Q1 2024-Q1 2027). For more information, check the EXO Staking page (Gold Rush Event).

Team & Advisors

Our team and advisors receive their token allocation with a strict vesting period. The initial token unlock will occur in Q1 2024, after which an equally-sized token amount is released quarterly. This process will continue for 48 months, and the distribution will be completed in Q4 2027.


The treasury of Cardano Lands contains 11% of the total token supply.

The first half (5.5%: 55,000,000) of the tokens is minted into the treasury and is allocated towards future airdrops, rewards, achievements, nominations, and other token distribution events.

The second half (5.5%: 55,000,000) of the tokens will be wrapped and minted on ETH blockchain. This is done to engage in cross-chain promotions that will help us attract a wider audience that will subsequently the Cardano ecosystem.

Wrapped EXO will be distributed to holders of partner projects from non-Cardano blockchains. This will occur when our products across DeFi and GameFi are ready to support multi-chain clients. At the moment, the CardanoLands team is actively building partnerships with other blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and others (ETA: 2024-2025).

Liquidity Pair

Liquidity pools contain cryptocurrencies locked in a smart contract. These enable DEXs to use Automated Market Makers (AMMs), which means that orders linked to particular trading pairs are executed automatically, using the funds within them. AMMs are useful during the early stages of a token’s listing, as they provide liquidity before market buyers and sellers take over.

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