EXO Utilities

$EXO has utility across both components of our platform.

HEXO Rewards

By locking EXO, users can vote which CNFT collections enter the leaderboard and High League. It is these collections that qualify for recurring HEXO rewards for their holders. Since the number of EXO is limited, only a limited number of CNFT collections can participate in HEXO mining, and when demand grows, the user will need to choose the best option for their investment.

Lands Mint

Users can mint Lands directly through the official CardanoLands website - [LINK will be published before mint start]. The price of the Land depends on its size, and the biome is randomly chosen.

The price of Lands will be valued in USDT and converted to ADA/EXO (the payment methods) on the mint date. If users choose to pay using ADA, an equal amount of EXO will be removed from the available Sale supply.

Lands Gameplay

Since the game operates in a virtual economy, all processes within it come at a certain cost. To pay for these processes, Land owners primarily use HEXO, our in-game currency. In the meantime, EXOs are being used to expand land areas and maximize land capacity and also to unlock additional in-game features

50% of EXO received from all in-game transactions will be burned, while 50% will go to fund the game treasury and reward players for their achievements!

Web3 tools & services

Third-party projects can use EXO as a payment method to acquire tools, services, and infrastructure built by CardanoLands like Staking white-label solution, Lands generation and etc (ETA 2024).

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