Exonium (EXO)

EXO, the native token of CardanoLands, and plays an important role in the DeFi component of the platform. The token is used as a currency to pay for the services and tools that the platform offers. It also enables users to vote for their favourite CNFT collections, thus qualifying them for HEXO rewards.

The demand for EXO grows in proportion to the demand for the services and tools that the platform offers. To stabilize the exchange rate and minimize volatility all prices for the services provided are displayed in dollars, and payments are made either in ADA or EXO (at the current market price or the CardanoLands rate if EXO has an open mint round).

The supply of EXO tokens is projected through its mining within our P2E game, which constitutes the GameFi component of our platform. Users who conduct certain in-game activities do not only receive in-game assets but also EXO rewards.

To illustrate this, let’s take the upcoming Gold Rush event as an example. The upcoming Lands enables users to mine EXO with multiplier functions depending on the number of their workers and the level of their parcel.

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