The Valley

The Valley is a map of the whole CardanoLands universe. Users can navigate across this map to see all the different types of landscapes, Lands, their position relevant to lands they wish to conquer, and more. More specifically, they can review the stats of information of each Land, including their owner, biome, size, coordinates, and availability in the market.

Temporary locations

The map also displays temporary locations. These types of locations appear randomly all over the map and are available for a limited time before they disappear. To interact with a location, users must go on an expedition. To complete the expedition to a certain location, units will need to go on a hike. The farther the location from your land, the longer the hike generally takes.

Example - Gold mines are temporary locations. Users send their avatars and workers to the sites, extract the original ore, and use it to create EXO coins. If the mine appears on coordinates that belong to another player, they will keep part of the resources that other users obtain through their activities (as a tax)

Trader NPCs

Trader NPCs can also appear randomly within the Valley. Similar to temporary locations, users can only interact with Trader NPCs by sending their Avatars and preparing carts to exchange resources.

Lands facing water

Land parcels that border water will be able to build fishing buildings, as well as ports with ships for faster transportation around the map.

Custom locations

The Valley enables partner projects to create custom locations and continents. We also intend to extend the Valley so that projects can build their own continents. If you are interested in such collaborations please contact our team.

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