The treasury of CardanoLands includes both EXO and ADA tokens. The EXO position (11% of total supply) supports growth-related activities. While this allocation is lower than the industry average, we intend to fund some activities through the Ecosystem allocation as well.

The EXO will be split in two equal parts to serve two distinct purposes:

  • The first part (5,5%: 55,000,000 EXO) is minted in the treasury at the earliest stage of the project; this amount will be users for future airdrops, achievements, and community nominations.

  • The second part (5.5%: 55,000,000 EXO) will be used to attract new audience segments from other blockchains into the Cardano ecosystem. It will thus be wrapped as soon as we have (at least) one product that operates in a cross-chain fashion, and distributed among holders of partner projects on other blockchains.

The treasury will also contain the ADA raised in the official sale rounds. This pool of funds will be allocated towards talent acquisition in the field of development and marketing, salary payments, as well as co-marketing activities that will assist the growth of Cardano Lands.

The Treasury will allocate $EXO to fund the following activities:

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