The Roadmap of CardanoLands is divided into four different phases which are introduced consecutively. The exact duration and tasks of each phase fluctuate, which is why we provide a short description for each stage.

Phase 1: Exploration (COMPLETED)

At the earliest stage of the platform’s development, team is planning to release a first game called Metalab. Using Metalab users need to discover resource combinations (recipes), which grant rewards and prizes. These recipes are a stepping stone for in-game characters to survive, evolve, and eventually proceed to the next phase of the game.

During the Exploration stage, we established and enriched the platform’s features, hosted our sale round, and collaborated with third parties to offer high rewards to early users. We also leveraged our partnerships to build a vibrant community on Discord and Twitter.

Goals of Phase 1 Platform launch, user acquisition, incentives for early users, onboarding creators.

Phase 2: Settlement (WE ARE HERE)

The Settlement phase is considerably larger and more complex than the Exploration phase and will require at least 1 year to be developed.

At this stage, CardanoLands will launch the complete gameplay of Lands, where users will be able to extend the size of their parcels, build structures, acquire tools, and use avatars to help them progress in the game. To participate in this virtual economy, users will need to stake EXO (more information on the EXO Staking chapter a.k.a. Gold Rush Event).

5000 Lands will be put up for sale, each with its own characteristics and utility. Users who successfully manage to acquire these lands will then need to grow them by employing workers. This will, in turn, help them gain leverage within the game and set them up for the next stage of the Roadmap.

In addition to strengthening the in-game economy, the team also aims to expand the capabilities of the platform, allowing creators to use services such as a staking program, adding personal resources to the metallab, and other features to grow EXO token demand.

Goals of Phase 2 Establish sustainable in-game economy, land distribution, and supply in-game NFTs to the marketplace.

Phase 3: Evolution

After achieving the goals set in the Settlement phase we will gradually flow into the Evolution phase. This development phase is where we intend to scale rapidly. The scope of Land owners’ activities will be widened, as we’ll introduce a Metaverse environment where users can explore the Lands of their peers. Users will be able to do this in a peaceful manner (forming clans, trading, etc.) or a hostile manner (battling and conquering enemy lands). It is during this phase that the game becomes more competitive and collaborative.

Furthermore, we’ll introduce a number of utilities, within our game, for third parties. Cardano projects will be able to create their own lands, real estate, or even Valleys, where they can integrate galleries, shops, mints, and other features that highlight their collections.

Goals of Phase 3 Promoting land exploration (collaborative & competitive), development of tribes, and creating the infrastructure to support third-party projects.

Phase 4: Colonization

In the Colonization phase, we intend to expand our Metaverse game to other blockchains. By doing so, we intend to further grow our network of partners, which will grow our reach and lead to new growth opportunities.

Third-party projects will be able to use the CardanoLands web3 infrastructure on a cross-blockchain basis, in order to create new experiences and reach audiences that were previously unavailable.

Goals of Phase 4 Cross-blockchain expansion, development of partnerships and co-marketing on different chains, and support of third-party projects.

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