Avatars are virtual characters that users control when performing quests or when participating in events. At the earliest stage of the game, users start out with a default character (off-chain).

Each avatar comes with its own active and passive skills, which are randomly assigned to it when they are first generated. Users can also adjust their visual appearance, making their avatar more personalized. Avatars exist on the blockchain as unique NFTs and, since each one comes with its own skillset, users can trade them on 3rd-party marketplaces.

Avatars are used for the following:

  • Going on expeditions to discover the Books of Mastery, which are intended to upgrade the abilities of workers.

  • Performing tasks and quests which reward users with a plethora of resources and tools.

  • Building major buildings to further scale on-site production.

Avatar Skills

Here is a partial list of avatars skills that will be available in the gameplay. The list will be updated when a new skills is added.

  • Explorer - these Avatars can run expeditions

  • Architect - these Avatars can build major buildings

  • Logistic - these Avatars receive a movement speed bonus within the Valley

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