Staking Rules

  • Users can earn Hexonium tokens by staking qualified CNFTs (holding them in your linked wallet).

  • Daily rewards can be claimed only after qualified CNFTs are held at least 24h in the wallet.

  • To claim the daily rewards, visitors have to create an account on the Cardano Lands platform and connect their wallet. More information on the claiming process is described below.

  • To be able to accumulate rewards, the user must log in once a month. If the user has not logged into the platform within the last 30 days, the reward for each subsequent day will be halted.

  • Users that transfer their CNFT to another wallet or smart contract will be unable to claim their Hexonium tokens, as the remaining balance of the former wallet will be burned automatically.

  • 3rd Marketplace wallets and other wallet, that do not hold NFTs as their OWN property or wallets that was made for “burning” purposes can be excluded from gaining rewards by Cardano Lands Team decision

Mining Power Calculation

The amount of Hexonium that is distributed daily is tied to the ratio between collection supply and amount of holders. This amount is called - “Mining Power”.

The mining power of a collection is increased parallel to the number of unique holders. Distributed rewards range from 0.1 up to (n) Hexonium per day. The following formula explains the calculation process for the mining power of each CNFT collection:

X = Const(10 000) / Supply
MP(NFT) = X * Holders / Const (1000)
MP (Collection) = MP (NFT) * Supply


  • Const() = Constant value (can be changed later by council decision)

  • Supply = Collection supply by policy ID

  • Holders = Collection holders amount by policy ID

  • MP(NFT) = Mining Power per single NFT

  • MP(Collection) = Mining Power that all NFTs from a Collection can generate (by Policy ID)

  • MP(Project) = Summary Mining Power of 1 Project, includes all policies if they have more than one.

Claiming Process

Before being able to claim rewards, users need to have received at least 100 Hexonium tokens. When making a claim, you will need to hold at least 5 ADA in your wallet. 2 ADA is sent to the CardanoLands project and another 3 ADA is required for the confirmation of the user’s address. When the transaction is confirmed in the blockchain, users receive their Hexonium and ~2.8 ADA back to their wallet.


There is a limit on the amount of HEXO received by one user per day. The base limit is 250 HEXO per day. This means that the user cannot receive more HEXO per day, but can continue to accumulate it.

The user can increase his daily HEXO limit by performing activities on the platform or by owning certain nft. Some achievements raise the user limit permanently - read more here

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