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Team & Partners

We are a team of enthusiasts with an experienced background in FinTech, ERP, and Gaming.
We started our project with the idea of the platform with a massive Leaderboard to support beloved Cardano NFT projects and provide additional utility for them and of course, have a lot of fun!
Milla, Founder
Originaly known as Milla#9999
Tom, Founder
Originaly known as Tom CL#1762
Alex, Founder
Originaly known as Alex CL#6206
Luisa, Collab Manager
Originaly known as LuisaGuti#3808
Mauricio, Community Mod
Originaly known as Mauricio Cardano#2252
Diana, Support Manager
Originaly known as dcscl#4534
Professor Grim, Contributing Editor
Originaly known as Professor Grim#0964
Nicks, Software Developer
Sergio, Illustrator
Dimitris, Technical Writer

CardanoLands Ambassadors