Land Parcels

Lands are the fundamental asset that enables users to participate in the game and the ecosystem as a whole. Land Parcels are virtual real estate minted as an NFT from our official website, or purchased through 3rd-party marketplaces, like JPGstore.

Each Land comes in different sizes and each size captures a certain number of tiles. Tiles contain Ground and Underground resources, which play an important role in the upcoming gameplay.

Ground resources

Ground resources can be found on Lands (above the ground). There are two types of resources you can obtain at this stage - Wood and Stone - and their availability depends on the Landscape and Biome of the Land. For example, Forest Biome Lands contain more Wood resources, while Winter Biome Lands contain less Wood resources. Also, not all tiles of Lands will contain Ground resources; some will be empty and thus ideal for building, while others only serve decorative purposes.

Underground resources

Underground resources can be extracted from the ground after certain buildings are built on specific tiles. There are 3 types of underground resources with a consecutive growth in rarity - Iron, Titanium, Adamantine. Iron is the most common resource, while Adamantine is the rarest.

Resource replenishment

Apart from Wood, all resources on Lands are finite. This means that there is a limited amount of each resource on a particular Land. If a user, for example, attempts to extract Stone, he will need to use a particular type of tile, and he will only be able to extract (n) stone units.

Wood is replenished, as it regrows on the Land. To accomplish this, the Land owner will need to create specific buildings, employ workers with tools, and there should be free tiles that can be used for reforestation. Wood is not replenished instantly, which is why it’s best to scale your building efforts to increase your production.

If users cannot wait for the countdown of Wood production, they can exchange other resources with others at the trader NPC. Trader NPCs have their own rates, and they fluctuate on a weekly basis.

Apart from Wood, the only other thing that can be replenished on your Land is food. Food is not necessarily a resource, but it can feed your workers. If you don’t have sufficient food to nourish your workers, you can use HEXO instead.

Special tile (HEXO)

Certain Land parcels also contain a HEXO resource tile. This type of tile is quite rare; Large parcels have a 25% chance of getting such tile, while Medium parcels have a 10% chance. Users that were lucky enough to get such a tile on their Land can utilize this tile to extract tokens for a specific period of time. To do this they will need to build a specific structure which will then enable them to mine the HEXO.

Special tile (Treasury)

The mechanics of the treasury tile will be revealed at the end of the year.

Extending your Land

The size of your Land may be extended by adding more tiles to it. To do this, users will need to use their Avatar(s) to complete certain quests within the game. Additionally, you will get the opportunity to mint tiles in small packs and time-bound promo events. By extending your Land, you can increase your production by building more, and thus grow your parcel’s income.

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