The Metalab is the first mini-game with a self-sustaing model in the CardanoLands universe. In the Metalab, users can combine different elements and ingredients to create higher level resources, learn new recipes, and potentially earn rewards.

In the Metalab store, you can purchase basic elements using our in-game currency HEXO. HEXO can be obtained by staking qualified NFTs.

Active participation in the Metalab game enables players to possibly claim a portion of the Metalab prize pool. The Metalab prize pool is a monthly ADA lottery, with its size based upon the number of participants. Learn more in the Metalab Prize Pool section.

Through the Metalab, not only can you create resources to be used in our game, but for 3rd party projects as well! Our team provides many options for 3rd parties to come in and create their own Metalab resources and combinations, thereby opening up new potential utility for their projects!

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