Policy IDs

Unique Asset Identifiers

Below you’ll find our collection of policy ID’s. These unique asset identifiers can help you authenticate your potential purchases on the secondary market. Whenever you plan to purchase a token that claims to be a part of our ecosystem, come here to verify whether the policy ID is legitimate.

Lands NFT

Each Land NFT is minted with a random assortment of hand-drawn tiles, which combine to make a unique isometric interactable game board in the Kingdom App. Owning a Land opens the door to participating in all platform features and benefits.

Policy ID: fc35048421947839013d03c1f486311c8f9964975e744364c3b5af9a

Mint a Land

Secondary NFT Collections


CardanoLands uses a dual-token model, seamlessly blending utility and governance tokens to create a synergistic ecosystem that empowers both players and stakeholders.

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