Gold Rush Event

a.k.a. EXO Staking

The Gold Rush is an event with gamification elements where users to stake their assets and earn profit. Unlike most decentralized financial protocols, CardanoLands makes the process exciting by integrating it into the platform’s gameplay. Users can employ their NFTs on their Lands and have them generate recurring income for their efforts. It is an added utility for collections that are qualified in the Staking Hub, and offers new bonuses for achievements.

The Gold Rush event (also known as EXO Staking) distributes 15% of EXO's total supply. It will start on January 2024 and will last for 3 years.

How does it work?

Users can mine EXO by building an EXO-Mine on their Land, and employing workers. Lands that are minted during the official sale come pre-equipped with an EXO-Mine building.

The amount of EXO that a user can generate depends on the number of workers on their Land parcel. The amount of workers depends on the level of the EXO-Mine, the size of their Land, as well as the NFTs of the user.

When a Land is minted, it comes with a level-1 EXO-Mine. Each next level (up to 9) open up an additional worker slot, and thus the ability to generate more EXO. Small Lands can reach up to level 4, Medium Lands can go up to level 7, while Large Lands can reach level 9 (+1 level for the manager slot).


Workers are abstract characters that represent NFTs of qualified collections with >250.000 votes in the High League of the CardanoLands Staking Hub. If you hold an NFT that abides by these criteria, you can employ it as a worker.

If users do not have NFTs from qualified collections, the system will provide a default worker. These workers have a higher salary compared to workers that derive from qualified collections.

Voting is dynamic, and so is the performance of the workers. If the amount of a collection’s votes is reduced below the required limit, the associated worker(s) will stop mining EXO on your Land. Additionally, every worker consumes up to (n) HEXO daily, an expense that can be thought of as their salary. For example, if you have a Small Land (level 4) with all worker slots covered, your daily expenses will be (4n) HEXO per day.

The workers’ salary is subtracted from your HEXO balance on the CardanoLands platform. If your balance can’t cover the expenses your workers will stop mining EXO. To resolve this issue and continue mining, you will need to top-up your HEXO balance.


Managers are abstract characters that make EXO mining more efficient by reducing the daily expenses of workers by 10%. Managers are only available on level 10 EXO-Mine building and represent one of the holder’s NFTs of qualified collections with >1.000.000 votes in the High League of the CardanoLands Staking Hub.


Players must craft tools and give them to their workers in order for them to carry out their duties. During the Gold Rush event, and only in the EXO-Mine building, all workers will have a super multi-tool that will last them for the whole 3 years. This tool will be automatically destroyed when the Gold Rush event ends, or when the allocated 15% supply of EXO is extracted.

Exo-mine building upgrades

Upgrading your building to higher levels requires resources from the Metalab. Each resource is biome-specific, so you will need to choose the resources that match the biome of your parcel. For example, Lands with a “Winter” biome require Ice resources, while Lands with “Forest” biome require Tree resources.

The event will begin on January 1, 2024 and will last for 3 years.

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