HEXO Utilities

HEXO is used for in-game activities. At the moment there are three core use cases, and we expect more to be introduced in the future.


Users can buy basic elements and resources that can be used for crafting in the Metalab section of our platform. These resources are then used to create and upgrade major buildings on Lands. The more progress they make within the game, the easier it will be to mine EXO tokens from their Land.

Gold Rush Event

CardanoLands enables users to mine EXO tokens by employing workers on their Land parcel(s). Every worker requires a daily allotment of HEXO, which can be thought of as their salary. This amount is automatically subtracted from the HEXO balance on CardanoLands. Additionally, to upgrade your land and increase EXO earnings, you will need to buy specific resources in the Metalab, which are priced in HEXO.

Lands Gameplay

At the heart of future gameplay is the in-game currency HEXO, which will be consumed in all major aspects of the game - from paying workers for their labor to speeding up the construction of buildings. Most of the mechanics are based on consuming HEXO.

Usage in partnered projects

Projects that partner with CardanoLands can boost the cash flow of their collections by having their NFTs earn HEXO. An example is our recent partnership with Tunnel Vision, which allows the staking of their Guild's NFTs (Nebula Bottles) and other collabs to earn $HEXO. The second example was that the Little Lurker project launched a mint of a new collection where people could pay with HEXO. HEXO is a community token and we welcome any ideas and people who are ready to give additional utilities for it outside the CardanoLand Universe.

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