EXO Staking

a.k.a. Gold Rush Event

EXO Staking, also known as the Gold Rush event, is a milestone in our roadmap that will reward certain users with recurring EXO staking rewards. To participate in the event and qualify for rewards, users need to acquire Land parcels.

Once Land is acquired, qualified users can earn EXO by performing certain in-game activities. To that end, we have decided to distribute 15% of our total token supply to Land owners, which incentivizes their long-term participation.

There are a total of 5000 Lands for sale. The EXO rewards will be distributed on a linear basis over consecutive epochs for 3 years (Q1 2024-Q1 2027). To qualify, users will need to β€œmine” EXO from their Land by employing workers and leveling up their plots.

The amount of EXO a user can mine depends on the number of workers on the Land parcel, which depends on the size of the parcel and the NFTs of the user. Users can claim rewards on the CardanoLands website.

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