About CardanoLands

CardanoLands is a web3 platform that promotes real interaction between numerous projects, including CNFT collections, exchanges, wallets, and marketplaces.
The platform consists of two components: DeFi and GameFi.
  • Our DeFi component is focused on building Web3 tools for Cardano-based projects. We believe in builders with great ideas, and technical restrictions should not form any barriers. Therefore, CardanoLands provides the necessary tools and infrastructure that help teams build their brand and audience.
  • Our GameFi component is building a P2E framework with HEXO, the in-game currency of CardanoLands, at its core. This model will power the upcoming gamified elements of our platform, including the “Metalab”, “Lands”, and others. It will also provide gamification tools and interoperable NFTs for 3rd-party games.
Last modified 8mo ago